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We are a modern and universal restaurant in the center of the city.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our restaurant. We guarantee you the freshest food, delivered daily to our dock, prepared to your liking. We can prepare a specific meal by request. All our locations are providing a wonderful open-air venue to enjoy the meal all year round, we offer both indoor and alfresco dining and our focus is on serving.


Why Choose Our Restaurant



ANDARA restaurant - an atmosphere of high style and impeccable taste. This is an elite restaurant, the main concept of which is a combination of comfort, style and fine cuisine from Asia, Europe and the East. ANDARA restaurant is a greet place to relax, as well as an ideal place for business meetings and negotiations. The capacity of the hall is designed for 100 seats.



The restaurant is located on the threshold of the Old town. A few dozen meters away are the historical sights of the Old city; Miri Arab Madrasah, Bolo house Mosque, Chashma Ayub mausoleum, Chor Minor style. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in a coffee palette with bright accents of greenery. Cozy and bright furniture allows you to relax your body and creates a Lounge atmosphere.


Rich Cuisine

The menu includes classic European dishes in the author's presentation, as well as delicious dishes from the East and Asia. We also offer a large selection of complex Lunches and complex dinners for travel companies. Bar.ANDARA restaurant offers a wide range of varieties of wines, a hugw selection of tea for every taste, as well as fresh-ground natural flavored coffee in various forms.


Organize Your Events in our Restaurant

Birthday parties

No matter where you are in Bukhara, there is no warmer welcome than welcoming you to Andara. For more information on discounted rates for birthdays, contact Andara restaurant today +998 91 406 00 71

Personal meetings

Guests can use Andara for personal meetings. In any case, Andara offers you and your guests a unique fun night. Comfortable seating, pleasant lighting and free chat options give you the freedom to truly own the event. Choose from a wide range of freshly prepared individual recipes and enjoy.

Special Events.

Corporate game - fun! Want to book your next corporate event in Andara? Conveniently located, Andara Restaurant welcomes a group of people. Due to the proximity of the restaurant to the Old Town Center of the city, Andara is an ideal choice for local business events and business entertainment. For more information, call +998 91 406 00 71.


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